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Lead Testing Results

September 11, 2018

Dear Parents,

The School Town of Munster recently participated in a voluntary State program to test our schools’ drinking water for lead. This program was offered to all Indiana public schools, and it specifically tests fixtures that supply drinking or cooking water to students.

In our district, a total number of 322 fixtures were tested.  98% of those fixtures did not present lead levels that exceed the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (E.P.A)‘s “action level” of 15 parts per billion (PPB).  However, five fixtures did meet levels that exceed E.P.A.’s action level. The action level of 15 ppb is not a measure of health effects. It serves as a signal to the school to take steps to reduce lead in the water. Lead found in tap water typically comes from the corrosion of interior of plumbing fixtures and materials that contain lead, not usually the municipal water supply. The issue is not system-wide, but specific to the fixture(s) and will be addressed by the remediation plan.

The fixtures of concern are located at Munster High School, Wilbur Wright Middle School, and Frank Hammond Elementary.  We have taken the following steps to remedy the situation:

Munster High School

·         North drinking fountain in Boys’ Varsity Locker room: Unit was disassembled, filter and strainer were replaced, and full water flow was restored. Unit was re-tested and we are awaiting lab results.

·         Athletic field concession stand: Lead reduction filters were installed on the supply side of the cappuccino dispenser and the coffee maker. All 3 fixtures get limited use, and it’s my belief that was the reason for the higher levels.

Frank Hammond Elementary School

·         Sink in room 12:  Strainers removed and cleaned, lead reduction filter system installed.

Wilbur Wright Middle School

·         Science storage room: Faucet is no longer used. Unit was taken out of service.

·         Room I-1:   Faucet was removed and replaced with a new lead free unit.


The high school and middle school have both been re- tested and are awaiting results.  I am confident the steps taken have solved the issues.  If you would like a complete copy of the testing results or more information about the findings, please contact me.




Dave Wallace

Supervisor of Buildings and Grounds


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District News
Welcome to the School Town of Munster!
It is my pleasure to welcome you to the School Town of Munster website.  As you visit each of our school pages and the district page, you will notice very quickly that our schools are recognized for their highly qualified staff and the high performance of our outstanding students.   Our schools have been honored for excellence at the state and national levels.   From an elementary school that is a National Blue Ribbon School to the high school that has an exemplary Advanced Placement program, our students are provided with numerous opportunities to grow, learn and find success in their academic careers in the School Town of Munster.   It is our belief that every student will be educated to develop a global view of our world, and the opportunities that they will have are limitless. 

The School Town of Munster provides many extracurricular opportunities for students to participate at an academic level and an athletic level.  We believe that students should develop leadership skills and be actively involved in our global community.  Students take part in many clubs offered at the high school and middle school.  We provide after school programs in music for our elementary students.  Our student athletes are highly competitive on the sporting fields, but more importantly, in the classroom.  It is our belief that students should be provided a well-rounded education that helps them cultivate their interests.

 I hope that you will check out our Munster Advantage comparison chart and use it when you are looking for a new school home and a new community to live.  I believe that the Munster schools are second to none when it comes to academic and extracurricular opportunities for our students.  I am also very proud to state that our community is one of the most supportive in the State of Indiana when it comes to its schools.  We have a strong group of community and parent volunteers who serve on the Munster Education Foundation, Booster Clubs, PTOs, and in the classrooms.  The support and commitment to have world class schools by our community, administration, teachers and staff sets Munster apart and above other schools.  We are very proud that our focus will always be on helping our students succeed by “Teaching Today for Tomorrow”.

Thank you for visiting the School Town of Munster.

Dr. Jeff Hendrix

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